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Kidney Kar

At Tecorp, we're not just about building; our founder Dave Edgley and his family are passionate about building communities and giving back. That's why David and his daughter Claire puts their foot on the gas each year and enters the Kidney Kar Rally.

Kidney Kar raises much needed vital funds and awareness for kids and youth living with kidney disease.  The Kids and Youth Program provides access to trustworthy, evidence-based information and age and life-stage appropriate resources to increase feelings of empowerment to assist them to confidently manage living well with kidney disease. The program also helps build confidence and self-esteem through a series of connection activities designed to strengthen their feelings of belonging to a community and develop long-lasting friendships. 


If you're feeling in the spirit please join the Tecorp family and donate to this year's Kidney Kar fund raiser here: Nook Amigos


If you would like to sponsor Dave and Claire's care contract for more details.

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